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Agile development methods

Scrum is a model of dynamic software development that anticipates that software projects, due to their complexity, cannot be planned precisely in advance. Therefore, planning takes place step by step and is defined in this way. System development is organised by the team in an almost equal way.

The developing system is defined by product properties (features), which are defined in a preferred order in the product backlog. At the beginning, the product backlog is complete and is later extended or reduced by further features. System development is divided into so-called sprints. The duration of a sprint can vary between one week and one month. In a sprint, all the features that were previously selected from the product backlog and then entered into the sprint backlog are implemented. The respective sprint result is then a functioning (partial) system. The sprint is followed by a review in which the project phase that has just been completed is evaluated in order to process experiences and incorporate improvements.

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