From the idea to the prototype - in a week…

…sounds incredible? 

But it is not: with our prototyping skills and tools we master this task. And you will be amazed. We are convinced of that! Try it, in a joint project.

Take advantage of the power of design thinking to reduce work that typically takes months to just a week. It does not matter if a new product is created, a feature is improved or a complex process is developed further.

In "design sprints" to first visible results

A design sprint is a five-day "design-thinking hackathon" with the goal of testing a feature, product or service as real as possible.

The result is a prototype and real user feedback. This is not a wireframe or paper prototype, but a Touch & Feel of the finished project.

The big advantage: The requirements for the specifications can be derived from the prototype with precise cost estimates.

1. Ziele analysieren

Die Anforderungen beschreiben alle relevanten Merkmale des Projekts und die verbundenen Prozesse konkret.

2. Ideen finden

In diesem Kreativitätsprozess kommen in der Regel zahlreiche Lösungsansätze zustande. Die beste Idee gewinnt.

3. Prototype

Um den ersten Eindruck von UX / UI  und Programmablauf und ein 
Proof-of-Concept zu gewinnen.

4. Konzept testen

Wir sind am Ziel, wenn die Tests überzeugen. Das Projekt kann die nächste Stufe zünden.

1. Analyze the goal

The briefing describes the requirements and derives all the relevant characteristics of the project and its associated processes.

4. Proof of Concept

We are at the finish, if the tests convince. The project can ignite the next stage and go into development.

2. Find ideas

In this creative process usually come from several solutions. But only the best idea wins.

3. Develop a prototype

This prototype gives an impression of UX / UI. Based on the realistic representation of the program flow, the concept design can be tested.

We develop your projects fast and cost-effective, but never at the expense of quality.

Our services range from simple website creation to app development to complex, web-based software projects.

The focus is on performance, scalability and usability.

We realize your app idea!

Together with you, we plan the strategically most important points in order to make your idea a success.

In workshops you will work out with us the exact requirement profile of the app, on which target systems it should be used and which technologies are suitable.

Benefit from our expertise and interesting pricing models.

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Agile development methods

A Scrum is a model of dynamic software development that predicts that software projects can not be precisely planned in advance because of their complexity. That is why planning is gradual and defined in this way. System development is organized almost equally by the team.

The evolving system is defined by product properties (features), which are set in the Product Backlog in a preferred order. In the beginning, the Product Backlog is complete and later expanded or reduced by additional properties. The system development is divided into so-called sprints. The duration of the sprint can vary between a week and a month. In a sprint, all the properties that were previously selected from the product backlog and then entered into the sprint backlog are converted. The respective sprint result is then a functioning (sub) system. The sprint is followed by a retrospective in which the project section just completed is evaluated in order to process experiences and incorporate improvements.

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