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Which experts do you need for your project?

We open up the market for professional developers and IT specialists from nearshore regions.

Thanks to our extensive network, we have the direct line to more than 400+ specialists. We connect our clients with developers from Europe, Belarus, the Baltic States and Ukraine

Due to the significantly lower living costs in these countries, we can realize a price advantage that we tap for our customers. In addition, the technical qualifications of the developers from our eastern neighboring countries are above average. Compared to remote developers, e.g. from India and other emerging economies, the reliability and commitment is significantly higher in our experience.

The entire project management takes place in German and your contract partner is a German company.

Which technologies do you need?

No matter what industry you're in, you'll enjoy all the benefits of our software development experts.

Since your desired developers are exactly selected according to your requirements, they can work purposefully for your projects. We open up the market for developers and IT specialists from Europe, Belarus, the Baltic States and the Ukraine. Well-known companies from Germany have been using permanent development teams for several years in, among others, the following technologies: C # , Laravel , Java , PHP , .NET , Angular JS , Android , and Xamarin and iOS .

Our many years of experience provide software companies, agencies, as well as start-ups and industrial companies with a wide range of outsourcing software development services. Our remote developers are always flexible, highly qualified and yet cost-effective.

We offer expertise and qualified developers in these technologies (inter alia):

Various models for various requirements:

Model 1

Dedicated Team

The Dedicated-Team-Model provides expert IT professionals, equipment and other resources based on project requirements. In return, the customer pays a one-off amount of money, which basically includes the monthly salary and the fee of the respective team member. The customer has full control of the project and the team, can manage the resources and plan the scope of work to their own discretion with the maximum benefit for themselves. The dedicated team works seamlessly as part of the customer's infrastructure, shares the same perspective on project methodology, and is keen to achieve the company's business goals.

Advantages of the Dedicated Team Model:

  • Suitable for long-term projects where the requirements are unclear and the scope often changes.

  • Fully predictable budget, although workload and scope are not fixed.

  • Full control over the selection, motivation and management of dedicated team members who have a deep understanding of the client's expectations and goals.
Model 2

Time & Material

The Time-and-Material-Model is more suitable for long-term projects with dynamically changing requirements, undefined workload and varying workloads of the development team. If the project is still raw in the early stages and there is not enough data to properly estimate the final cost, or if the customer wants more direct control over the process, this model provides flexibility in defining and changing project specifications at each stage of the process Implementation. The size and workload of the development team and the resources allocated to the project can be adapted to changing needs while optimizing time and cost.

Advantages of the time and material model:

  • It uses agile methodology , perfect for large and long-term projects that can not predict the final product in the initial phase.

  • Flexible and negotiable budget and low risk for both sides.

  • Important customer control of the project, each task or improvement implementation on request.
Model 3

Fixed Price

The fixed-price model is preferable for small-to-medium size, short-term projects with clear and well-documented requirements. It includes exact scope and project specifications, predefined delivery time and fixed budget. If the customer sets the timeframe and detailed end-product requirements that are not expected to change as the project progresses, the outsourcing company can provide the timeline and estimated price based on project scope and project complexity. During the discussion the most important stages of development are defined and the waterfall methodology applied.

Benefits of the fixed-rate model:

  • Good for small and medium projects that have well-defined specifications and accurate results right from the start.

  • Costs and timeframes are set before project work begins.

  • Little supervision is required from the customer, all requirements are predetermined.

Most parts of the price models are negotiable. So if you want to work on a large and long-lasting project, it may be beneficial to divide the project into multiple phases or task blocks and apply more appropriate pricing models. It is possible to combine several available contract models that are better suited to each project and create a win-win situation for the parties involved.

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