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Public administration, individual software

For a company in the field of key figures comparison of municipalities and public administration, a complex data collection system was designed and implemented. With the help of the system, it is possible to check for plausibility and, if necessary, mark it during the recording of performance characteristics.

Project term: 1 year

Technologies used: CMS, PHP, mySQL, JavaScript

B2B trade, shop system

Development and conception of a shop system based on Magento.
Complex requirements of the API for ERP

Project term: 4 months

Technologies used: PHP, Magento, say, mySQL, Java

PR consultancy, communication science

Development and design of a database-driven web application

Goal: Users should be able to get a paid online offer. These are detailed explanations of technical terms from the PublicRelations jargon.
The special feature: Approximately 2,500 terms were automatically tagged. Each word appearing in the body text is compared to an index and, if it matches, automatically linked to the corresponding post.

Project Duration: 2 months

Technologies used: PHP, mySQL, JavaScript

Tax advice, finances

Developing and designing a database-driven web application.

Goal: Similar to the PR consultancy, lexicon-like concepts from the tax criminal procedure were included in contributions in this project. There are about 2,000 terms that are logically linked.

Some features:

  • Automatic invoicing in PDF format
  • Convenient user management
  • Content completely administrable by the customer
  • Index already visible in the search field after entering 3 letters

    Project Duration: 2 months

    Technologies used: CMS, PHP, mySQL, JavaScript

Consultingunternehmen in der Dentalmedizin

Entwicklung einer eingebetteten Webanwendung zur Ermittlung eines PromotorScores.

Ziel: Zahnärzte sollen in einem geschützten Bereich einer Website die Weiteremfehlungsbereitschaft ihrer eigenen Praxis messen und visualisieren können. Hierzu werden Werte in ein Formular eingegeben, die zuvor ermittelt wurden.

Das Tool berechnet den „NPS“ und stellt in Diagrammen die Stärken & Schwächen der Praxis dar.


  • Umfassende Benutzersteuerung
  • Visualisierungs-API
  • Automatische Generierung von Auftragsbestätigungen mit definierten Nummernkreis
  • Durchschnittsberechnungen, Gesamt-NPS
  • Vergleich mit anderen Usern

Projektlaufzeit: 3 Monate

Eingesetzte Technologien: Ruby on Rails, PHP, mySQL, JavaScript

Industrial companies, chemistry and energy

Web-based application for generating product and safety data sheets in PDF format

Goal: Customers should be offered customized product and safety data sheets as a downloadable PDF by selecting a product and the size of the packaging.

Special feature: High reliability and resilience of the application, as industry standard

Project Duration: 4 months

Technologies used: CMS, PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, PostScript

Banking organizations

Develop an app, cross-platform.

Goal: Capture and evaluate an individual questionnaire to analyze specific problems and integrate customer opinions


  • Comprehensive User Management
  • Visualization API
  • comparative analysis
  • average calculations
  • Comparison with other users

    Project Duration: 3 months

Property Management

Digitisation process, automated OCR document management.

Consultancy service on process-based digital implementation. Legacy data sets were to be indexed and catalogued via automated processes. We realised this using OCR scripts in the server environment. The company can now access all documents such as invoices, contracts and business conversations from the non-digital (paper) archive with digital devices such as tablets and smartphones, as well as classic computers.

Project duration: 1 month

Technologies: Microsoft Power BI, Adobe Acrobat Action Wizard

Lift Planning Application

Application for a lift planning company that uses mobile apps to carry out extensive technical documentation.

In addition to the mobile apps, which have an offline mode and are connected to the app server via a REST API, the project includes further functions such as a complex user administration, which e.g. includes a possibility to distribute plant preliminary drafts among the users, as well as a very complex document generator, which converts the collected data records into legally compliant report formats. The output format is either Word or PDF.

There are 3 different output documents, such as checklists, full reports and action plans.

The entire content of the app can be controlled via an administrative backend that includes dependencies and enumerations as well as other custom functionalities.


  • Java
  • React Native

Optical AI-Recognition software

This is an application used in an industrial environment for controlling a robot-powered product testing lance that uses machine learning image recognition to identify arriving truck vehicles based on the type of load and define random probing points. Specific types of vehicles, such as silo vehicles, have to be visually distinguished from different types of grain and bulk materials, and the dimensions of areas or points suitable for sampling have to be recognised and calculated. The software is used successfully throughout Europe.


  • C++
  • OpenCV 4
  • Python

Windows & Doors Configurator

Allows the users to carry out window configurations and to generate quotation items real-time. The configuration tree, which is offered by the host system via several vTrees, is very extensive and has a complex structure, which was integrated successfully.


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Resftul-API

Fitness App for health at work

The aim of the project is to track employees health habits and encourage them to be more active, with designated courses, challenges and goals for particular teams. The app also helps users in identifying pain points on their body and suggests recommended exercises to perform. Integrated with smart wearables such as Apple Watch, etc. and electronic scales to track user‘s fitness on daily basis.

The app is fully administrable by a backend with more than 50 API endpoints, works in offline and synchronizes server data only when there is data has been changed automatically.

We created mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, running natively. Also, there’s a fully connected webapplication, the user can log in even without using smartphones. White labeling as well as multi tendency functionality, multi language support.


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • Restful-API
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
Object Tracking Application

For a big-sized construction company, we created an object tracking programme which allowed the users to follow constuction items and tools movements over different cost centers. Apps were created crossplatform supporting iOS and Android, offline functionality, GEO location, camera for QR scanning.

QR-Codes were printed on special permanent stickers to be attached on inventory devices. Those QR-code were be scanned and the geo-location transferred to a server. We used a Business Intelligence tool to filter and calculate bit data to archive visualisation of item movements between construction sides and cost centers. The application benefits the stategical support and planning resources. Also, it helped in terms of business analysis and creating inventories much more easy.

Project duration: 2 years


  • Angular
  • ReactNative
  • MS Power BI
  • Restful-API
  • AWS

Please note: This selection represents only a part of our successfully completed projects. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show a number of other references here, as we have confidentiality agreements with the majority of our clients that prohibit us from publishing the app ideas or project contents.

However, we would be happy to provide you with further reference projects upon your personal request.

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